Friday, March 25, 2011

OPI Crystal Nail File Review

Like this post if you noticed the jelly beans on the right. :P

Anyways, before the review, I would like to tell you a bit about glass nail files. Glass nail files (as the name suggest) is nail files made of glass. The rough part is permanently etched onto the glass, so it won't wear out really easily. I heard some people say, that they've used it for two years and it's still like new. Glass nail files are gentle on your nails and will not like create rough edges and peeling. Metal nail files can leave rough edges and damage your nails. The sandpaper like ones need to be replaced a lot and cost a lot of money. Glass nail files can be washed using water and reused and you only need to buy one and it will last for years! Unless you break it or loose it...

Another good thing about filing your nails is that it makes your nails get better blood circulation causing them to grow faster, stronger, and a lot more healthier. Just like plants, you have to cut off branches so it could grow better. This concept applies both to your nails and your hair (hint hint).

One thing you I do need to tell you is that don't buy the Revlon Crystal File that you see in your local drugstore. I got one of those last time and the glass turned smooth after the first use.

After hearing so much good things about glass nail files, I decided to give one a try. So I recently got an OPI Crystal Nail File (the white one with no packaging above) for cheap on Amazon. The shipping was fast and  I actually got it before the date Amazon told me it would arrive! The OPI Crystal Nail File came along with a protective plastic tube (as seen in the image at the top of this post) for storing and protecting the nail file. If you do buy one, use the plastic tube. I have to say the glass does look really thin and fragile. I've read a lot of reviews where people broke it because they were being careless or they didn't care to use the plastic tube.

After I started filing my nails, I couldn't put it down. :O It was like awesome and it felt great. Unlike one of those metal ones, these don't tug on your nails. It didn't hurt it at all! My nails are growing a lot better than before. I haven't dropped mine yet and I have been very careful. So it didn't break on me yet.

If you like long and healthy nails, this is definitely for you! Great for people who keep long nails for playing guitar. I would give this product at 5/5! Again the product I'm reviewing is the OPI Crystal Nail File.
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