Sunday, May 30, 2010

You'd be surprised when you see this.

Other stuff you can do with ice cream. If you have a perverted mind, you'll get it. Btw, this is my new video.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Sharing the treat. (中文不会翻译)

My pet birds used to be ok with sharing the spray of dry millet I give them (ones from pet stores). Some fresh millet grew up in my yard and I decided to give them some as a treat today, and they ended up fighting over who gets to eat it. HAHA! I bet it tastes better.

我的宠物鸟本来是会自己里面分干的小米吃 (在宠物店能买到的那种)。 可是今天我看见我后院里长出了一些新鲜的小米,我就把了几根个小鸟吃。 可是刚放进去他们就打起来了。 哈哈! 新鲜的我觉得应该比晒干的好吃一点。

Super strong flashlight.

Wow... Looks so cool. 4100 Lumens and the battery can last about 15 minutes. But, toast bread! Make scrambled eggs on it. o_O That is how hot this flashlight gets. LOL But it's around $300. It's currently in review by Guinness World Records. Here is the video from KipKay:

and also more info from their own website here.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Today's Vlog :D

Eric's Photography Blog:

Here is where you can find Google Pac-Man:

A more detailed view of my USB CD LED Desklamp:

I created a new photography blog!

Make sure you check it out! I got some extremely stunning pictures on there! You will definitly enjoy it if you love picture taking!

Here it is:

Here is a preview of what you will find on this blog (this photo is copyrighted by me, so don't steal)

Yosemite National Park

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Saturday, May 22, 2010

I got the same question. How does Peter afford them. XD

Better quality:

I made a USB CD LED Desk Lamp! 我做了一个 USB CD 二极管台灯。

Today I made a USB CD LED desk lamp! Not only does it use less power than my original desk lamp, but it gives off clean white light unlike my original desk lamp which gave a yellow-ish light. :D Please tell me how it looks below.The reason I used that much glue is because the disc cracked a lot when I pushed the LED's into the holes I made.

我今天做了一个 USB CD 二极管台灯!它除了比我本来用的电少,它还给白的灯光不像我本来的那个灯,给的亮光有一点黄黄的。:D 请你在底下告诉我看得怎么样。在我把二极管装进去的时候 CD 有点裂开了,所以我只能有很多胶水。

 Let's all go green. :) This is really a double win, because LED take up way less power and I recycled 2 unusable CDs!

Friday, May 21, 2010

These girls must have parents that don't care about them. LOL

So 7 year old show girls? haha. Cute.

Google Pac-Man

Just incase you wondering what it is, here is a video of it.

and also today's Vlog is all about this and yes, I meant this blog post. So no looking around. HAHA.

Nokia Make My App Competition

Nokia's make my app comptetition. There will be 12 winners from each catergory. The winners will get a chance to go to a big Nokia even in London and will also receive a free brand new Nokia N8! All you have to do is submit a great application idea in the following categories: Think Green, Fun&Games, Easier Living, and Better World. I'm going to join and vote. :) 2 judges will pick out the winners. Anyways, anyone got a good idea I can steal from you? LOL

More info here.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Funny mistake I made... 我做的一个好玩错误。。。

On my post about my apple cobber I made (Blog Post here), I made a 2 funny errors in my Chinese translations. For apple cobbler I accidentally translated it to apple shoemaker (Just took Google Translate's results) XD And for the comments I wrote please comment about this from your grave. Funny mistakes! HAHA. Like I said, I'm not very good with Chinese. I just corrected the mistakes now.

在我博客上写关于我做的苹果馅饼文章 (博格文章) ,我犯了两个很可笑的错误。苹果馅饼不小心写成了苹果皮匠 (我就拿了谷歌翻译结果) XD  然后我把 “请你在下告诉我看得怎么样” 翻成了 “请你在下告诉我看得怎么样”。很可笑的错误!哈哈。像我我说的,我的中文很差。我刚才把我的错误改好了。

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I made apple cobbler today :D 我今天做了苹果馅饼 :D

I made apple cobbler today for dinner. It tastes good. :D I just wish I put more cinnamon and less sugar in it. Tell me how it looks below. :D


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Peter swears. XD

Sorry about the bad quality, only one on Youtube.

Driving... 开车。。。

Today I drove for the first time. It was my first lesson with the teacher. Surprisingly I did well. Drove to Union City Marina Food and back (5 mile-ish on busy street at around 50 MPH). Didn't crash the car or get hurt. :D But I almost ran a red light cause I forgot to look up. HAHA. Other than that, I did fine. :)

今天我第一开车。这也是我第一次跟老师。我开的很好。开到 Union City 永和和回来 (差不多5 个英里在一个很多车的路上。差不多 50 英里一个小时的速度)。 没撞车。 :D 可是我差点闯了一个红灯应为我忘了往上看。哈哈。除了呢个我开的蛮好的。 :)

Monday, May 17, 2010

That guy was probably half zombie. o_O

USB ports... USB 插头。。。

Yesterday, I reorganized the USB cables in the back of  computer. My webcam was all messed up because I plugged it into another USB port. Finally I fixed it up by switching the plugs in the back. Then I remembered by dad has this 720p webcam he don't use and plugged that in too! So now I have 2 webcams plugged in. Be prepared for a 720p Vlog on Youtube next time. :D

我昨天把我电脑后面的 USB 线全部整理了一下。我的摄像头开始不工作了应为我把它插在了另一个USB口。我最后把后面的线又从新插了一便。然后我记得我爸爸有一个他不用的 720p 的摄像头我可以用。所以我现在有两个摄像头装在我的电脑上了。请你准备好我下一次再 Youtube 上的 720p 博格视频。:D

MadTV is funny... MadTV 很好玩

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Long distance computer power switch. 长途电脑开关。

I made this long distance computer power switch today. As you can see in the picture, my computer is behind my desk, so it's not very easy for me to control the power switch at where I sit.


So what do I do? I soldered a few wires to the wires that control the power switch. And on the top, made it into a switch similar to the power switch. That way, I can have like a remote switch on my desk. :D


If you want to make this, you can contact me in the comments. Remember to cover up all open areas with insulation, other than the switch parts. If you do make this, I can not be held responsible for any injuries or damages!


Friday, May 14, 2010

Wall Post Fail or Comment Win? Comment below :D

So is this a wall post fail or comment win? Comment below!

Somehow Gmail Failed o_O

It had links to those things like 3 times. o_O No, it's not Photoshopped.

Youtube Suggestion Fail

How did Youtube come up with this suggestion? LOL

Hey guys! New website! All about Pi!

Have you ever wondered what the first 1 million digits of pi is? Well now it's up on my new website. Please share it with your friends... And also be aware if I get too much views, I may move this website to another hosting site that provides me with more bandwidth for free. Please enjoy. :D (If you got a crappy computer, your computer may freeze or your browser may crash while you try to view this. This is normal because of the size of this webpage)

Anyways... Here is a preview of what you will find:


Also, today's Vlog is all about this new webpage I made! Please watch. :D

HAHA... 哈哈。。。

If you look at the very bottom, you can see I added a "please support me" message with Chinese/English translations... I just noticed how sucky my Chinese is. :\ Please share my posts with your friends and family members. Thanks! :D

要是你到这个网页的最底下,你会看见一个英语/中文 “请支持我” 的信息。我才刚注意到我的中文有多差。:\ 秦您帮我把我写的文章分享给您的朋友和家庭看。谢谢!:D

Some people are so crazy...

Armed with a water pistol. XD WOW!

'Snoopy' attempts prison break
NEWPORT, England (UPI) -- British police said a man dressed as Snoopy attempted to break a family member out of prison but went to the wrong facility.

Authorities said the man and an accomplice tried to break down a door May 1 at the Isle of Wight's Albany site, near Newport, England, and threw concrete missiles at prison officers' cars when the attempt failed, The Sun reported Monday.

Police said two men, ages 43 and 21, were arrested on suspicion of criminal damage and detained under the Mental Health Act. It was unclear which of them was dressed as the "Peanuts" comic strip dog.

Investigators said the relative they planned to spring was at a different facility.

"It's not every day you see a giant cartoon dog going on the rampage after trying to break into a prison," a source with Her Majesty's Prison Service told The Sun. "They weren't exactly inconspicuous -- but it was taken seriously because they appeared to have a gun. They caused a real commotion and it was only later they were found to be armed with a water pistol."

Thursday, May 13, 2010

So bored... 很没劲。。。

Today was boring... Ok so you expecting me to write something? Ok... I found this apple cobbler recipe that looks pretty good. I kinda want to make it. :D But I don't have the ingredients at home... So maybe I'll make it in a few days and post up a picture... So this is pretty much how my day went by.

今天我很没劲。。。 你希望我写一些东西吗?OK。。。 我今天找到了一个苹果馅饼菜谱。它看的很好吃。我有点先要做。可是要用的调料家里没有。所以我可能会过几天做出来拍几张照片放在网上。这就是我这一天怎么过的。

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

This awkward duck like thingy I saw today o_O

It had like a duck bill and stuff, but it wasn't really a duck either! It was walking upright and its wings were so small I doubt it can even fly. It's awkward. If anyone know what this is, please tell me. I think a duck and some other bird had this weird offspring... Click the pictures for the full size...

Cooking food the first time. :D

I made onion rings. It turned out pretty good! :D It also tastes delicious. Click image for the full size image.

Hey guys Vlog 5-12-2010

Hi guys, here is the Vlog for 05-12-2010. The links to these articles are here:

Did Another iPhone Prototype Go Missing?:
Steam for Mac Rolls Out, Downloadable Now:
HTC Seeks Ban On iPad, iPhone, iPod:
Hacker Brings Android to the iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS Up Next:

Is Apple gonna sue these people too? XD Steve Jobs is evil. Anyways, if you have enjoyed my blogs, please follow! Thanks!

Do you like my blog? 你喜不喜欢我的博客?

Do you like my blog? If you do, please click the follow button on in the side bar on the left side! Thanks!

你喜不喜欢我的博客? 要是你喜欢的话请你按一下左边的 "Follow" 按键!谢谢!

Hi...... 你好.......

I might be writing some of my blog posts in Chinese from now on. My Chinese kinda sucks. If you find a mistake in my grammar please notify me. Thanks! :D



周杰伦的发型蛮好看的。 :D
Jay Chou's hair looks so cool :O

Monday, May 10, 2010

Double Fail

Also quote fail. XD Look at the bolded quote.


Cookbook typo: Use 'ground black people' 

SYDNEY (UPI) -- An Australian publisher has reprinted 7,000 copies of a pasta cookbook after a misprint in a recipe called for "salt and freshly ground black people."

Bob Sessions, the head of publishing for Penguin Group Australia, said the company has no plans to recall copies from bookshops, which would be "extremely hard," the Sydney Morning Herald reported.

"We're mortified that this has become an issue of any kind and why anyone would be offended, we don't know," Sessions said. "When it comes to the proofreader, of course, they should have picked it up, but proofreading a cookbook is an extremely difficult task," he said. "I find that quite forgivable."

The company, he said, has told bookstores, "If anyone is small-minded enough to complain about this very ... silly mistake, then we will happily replace (the book) for them."

The misprint occurred in a recipe for spelt tagliatelle with sardines and prosciutto in a cookbook in which almost every recipe calls for ground black pepper. Pulping and reprinting the 7,000 copies will cost Penguin $20,000.

Yay, got my learners permit! :O

OMG! I'm kinda happy today! Got my learners permit! The stupid thing was, I thought they were gonna give some kind of scantron test, but no, they grade each test by hand! I thought the governor wants money... If they make the process faster, wouldn't they make more? LOL

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Awkward Feeling...

It feels so awkward when I feel happiness and sadness at the same time... It's like I want to smile and cry at the same time... But at least some happiness for a change, I have felt real happiness for so long I think I forgot what it's like. All I knew is that happiness is better than sadness, but how it felt, I like completely forgot. At least I feel some happiness now. It feels great!

Pokemon dubs are funny. LOL

Wouldn't it be funny if Apple made one?

iBalls, when you replace your current balls with the iBalls, every time you pee, you hear music instead of splashing 

iCondom 3G, wireless phone sex that runs on AT&T.

iPoop, dock your iDevice when you poop, and listen to music. LOL

Maybe I'll try this with my name at the airport next time. XD

New Video: How to DIY a Stylus for your iDevice

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sigh...Always learning stuff the hard way...

Two years of severe depression and sadness kept bundled up inside me. I faked a smile, I faked happiness, what good did it do me? Finally it was too much for me to hold back and it came bursting out like an over inflated balloon. Sigh... Why do I always learn the hard way. -__- But Lord Jesus Christ is there for me :) And that is why I'm kinda happy now. But still awkward feeling... Sadness and happiness at the same time. It feels awkward.

Real or Fake?

Lot's of people have been Googling this recently. What do you think? Real or fake? Please leave comments!

Bumptop is no longer available for download.

Bumptop is no longer available for download on their own website because Google has acquired them. If you miss the chance to download this, I have mirrors I have created here:


I'm surprised Meg didn't die of a hart attack HAHA

Hey guys, I'm deciding to Vlog once in a while!

Here is the Vlog for today. LOL

You find Ultimate Fail (Blog) at:
My blog dedicated to hacks and cheats!
My Main Blog:

New Tutorial: Ways to Earn Money on a Blog/Website

My new tutorial provides a few methods on how you can earn money off your website and blog! This is especially helpful when you have a website or blog that get's lots of views a day. Using these methods will help you cover the cost of running your website, and maybe make more than just keeping it running. With these methods you can make lot's of money. I really mean lot's! Please take a look :D

Click here for more info

Friday, May 7, 2010

Picknick Tables Fail

And this is where our taxes are going XD (This is like in a regional park). Picknick tables for the fish! And one of them was recently made too, I saw them making it 6 weeks before I saw this! HAHA The park people sure fail...

Got a haircut today!

Hey guys, I got a haircut today. Tell me how I look :D Please!

Bird Prevention Fail or Bird Win?

Well looks like they failed to keep the bird off even with the spikes. XD So Bird prevention fail or bird win? Tell me in the comments. :O

New Blog!

Here is a new blog I have created sharing fails I have found! Please follow it! Thanks!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Why Google Buzz Sucks

What is the point of following someone when you can't comment on their posts which don't show up on your like homescreen when they aren't following you back! Google Buzz is shit. It's like a crappy version of Twitter + Facebook. What now, we can't even check our email before starting on stuff we have to do (like homework) because Google Buzz is there and we will always be tempted to go in and check what other's are saying. I thought Google was suppose to make products that makes our life easier, not harder! This is why Google Buzz sucks and why it will never enter the social networking network. LOL Please share your view on this subject below please. :D

My iDevice Jailbreak tutorial has been updated!

As of May 2nd, 2010 all iDevices running firmware 3.1.2-3.2 are jailbreakable by a newly released jailbreaker called Spirit!

How to Install DEBs (Cydia apps) on your iDevice with or without Wifi or 3G

Hi ComputerSpot fans! I would like to proudly annouce that I have posted a new tutorial up teaching you how to install DEBs (Cydia apps) on your iDevice (iPod touch, iPhone, iPad) with or without the use of Wifi or 3G. For the methods that does not require Wifi will require your computer to have an active internet connection which you should have since you are reading this! LOL Well here it is!

iPod touch Stylus I made

I'll teach you how to make this on an upcoming tutorial in a few days. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Jailbroke my iPod

Today I jailbroke my iPod. It was exciting at first but later got very annoying. The wifi in my home is broken, so I had to use Cyder to get my apps onto my iPod. I didn't really know how to use it even after all the instructions I read online. I can't get the apps into my iPod. So later as a temporary fix, I snitched off my neighbor's wifi. XD Well at least my iPod looks extremely cool now with it's Leopard OSX theme. Now my iPod as a terminal app too and it can multi-task. :O This is so cool. :D

My iPod specs:
iPod Touch 3rd Gen (32GB)
Running 3.1.3 Firmware

New video on Youtube :D

Monday, May 3, 2010

I found this cool website that talks about electronic gadgets

Please visit the website. It's pretty cool. I know it doesn't look professional, but this guy knows what he's talking about! Trust me!

Commenting fail! This is hilarious! XD

Click picture for full size

New Tutorial: How to Backup SHSH Blobs on iPhones and iPads

The Dev-Team recommend backing up your vulnerable SHSH blobs before getting ready for the upcoming Jailbreak. Click here for more info!

And if you missed my tutorial on Jailbreaking iPhones and iPods, click here for more info!

How to turn your Wi-Fi iPad into an iPad 3G

Maybe you're one of those people who couldn't wait for the 3G version of Apple's iPad and instead had to run out and get the Wi-Fi version right away. We mainly think of the iPad as a living room/kitchen device, but with the warmer weather arriving you might be feeling a bit of 3G envy, seeing newly minted iPad 3G owners soaking up the sun in their local parks and coffee shops while tapping, swiping, and pinching away. The typical solution for getting a go-anywhere 3G signal on a Wi-Fi-only device such...


OMG! Youtube just said one of my videos might be eligible for the Youtube partner program! :O the only thing pissing me off is, it keeps telling me its having trouble linking my youtube with my adsense account... >.> just sent their support an email... they better respond! I WANT ME MONEY!!! >.<

Sunday, May 2, 2010

YAY! I'm so happy!

I passed the driving course! Now once I both my certificates I can go to the DMV and pass the written test. After that I can drive with my learners permit! OMG! This is so exciting and scary. o_O But I am so happy. :D It's just that I wish I took the course earlier... Cuz now I'm getting my real license at the age of 16 1/2 instead of just 16...

They forgot to mention a rule on drivers ed

"You should never take medications prescribed for someone else."

What if you prescribed it yourself? Then it's ok to take? XD

How may hits do you get on your blog?

If you have a popular blog with lot's of hits a day, wouldn't it be cool to make money off of it other than through Google Adsense? Use Linkbucks like me! They pay you for sharing your own links! Please sign up! Why not make some money on side other than from Google Adsense!

If you think this website is a scam, it isn't. Don't think I'm an employee there, I'm not. They do pay you! So please sign up now! Sign up takes less than 1 minute! Trust me!

Click here for more details!

A good prank to play on a friend.

While he/she is sleeping, snap a picture with his/her phone of her sleeping and set it as the phone wallpaper. After that, quickly put it back to where you found it. You'll give your friend a nice surprise when he/she wakes up. :D After you try that, please leave me a comment of your friend's response. LOL

Weird thing...

Today at Church, this finch (bird) flew in to the Church and surpirsed everyone... It kept walking/skipping back and forth for half an hour in very small area on the window before Church ended and we let it out. It was a big distraction somehow. XD Everyone wasn't really paying attention, but looking at the tiny bird jumping around. LOL Later we managed to let it out. Hope it did get traumatized by what happened. This kind of reminds me for 2 weeks ago when this bird flew into our house. Here is a few pictures of the bird that flew into my house. Any one know what kind of bird it is?

Saturday, May 1, 2010

The best rule I've came upon on drivers ed.

The best rule in drivers ed: "It is illegal to ski, snowboard, or sled on or across any roadway in such a manner as to interfere with the movement of vehicles thereon. " It's like I'm going to try. XD

And it also states that I may try that when it doesn't interfere. :O LOL

Funny Facebook comments.

Click images for original size
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