Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Everyone! 2010 is almost over and 2011 is almost starting. :) Have fun celebrating new years everyone!


My  new year resolution... Hm...

  • Bring you more content on my blogs: My Personal BlogMy Photography BlogMy Dark Side BlogMy Crossdressing BlogMy Random Stuff Blog, and My Ultimate Fail Blog.
  • Bring you more wonderful and breath-taking videos on My Photography Blog.
  • Provide you with more tips and personal stories on My Crossdressing Blog.
  • Bring you more tutorials and other things on my website.
  • Bring you more videos on Youtube.
  • Make lots money on Google Adsense.
  • Make my hair look all wonderful and straight. :D
  • Grow my hair longer.
  • Make myself more girly (physically and mentally).
  • Achieve a more girly voice.
  • Get more woman's clothing to make myself look like a girl.
  • Attend school like everyone else.
  • Make new friends. 
  • Grow older. :P
  • Improve my photography and Photoshop skills. 
  • Maybe develop one or two simple applications on iDevices or Android devices?
I can't think of anything more. HAHA Maybe I'll think of more later... Hopefully I can achieve most of that. Developing applications, well... A bit far... LOL I wanted to since like 1-2 years ago? Installed the SDK and never started. ROFL

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Google TV, Netflix, and K'NEX

Got a Google TV and Netflix. :D Google TV from Sony. LOL It was pretty big... Probably because it can also play Blu-ray disks... Anyways, Netflix is cool too.

Just watched District 9 on Netflix yesterday. Was a pretty good movie. Netflix's quality is good too, considering it was online streaming. No lag for some reason. o_O Not sure how they do that...

Today, I spent my day watching American Dad episodes on Netflix. LOL Nothing else to do... Other than building my K'NEX roller coaster model thingy I got for Christmas. HAHA It was fun. :D Check it out!

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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Back from Vegas! :)

Hi guys! I just got back from Vegas on Friday. I didn't have any time to post so... Here I am doing it now...

It was raining really really big on the road there. It was also raining at Vegas through out the whole week. Here is a few pictures of when I crossed the borderline on the way home. What used to be desert is now lakes and marshland!

So anyways... That was how big the rain was... So on the way there, I passed a street called Zzyzx Road. How you suppose to read that?

Anyways, here is what I got in Vegas.

I got this stuffed animal elephant at Circus Circus. Employee gave it to me because the machine was broken. :)

This is the Las Vegas keychain I got. 

What I did in Vegas... Hm... Well I went shopping, play at Circus Circus, and watch shows. The shows I watched are Mystere, Zen Magic, and V Show. They were all pretty good. :) Well I think the magic tricks they showed in Zen Magic was a bit amateur... I didn't really get Mystere's storyline, if there was one... V Show was awesome. :) 

The rain was like really big... It stopped on the day when I came back... It was like literally flooding in Vegas... Too much rain... I couldn't cross the street directly. I walked like half a mile extra to go cross on a sky bridge because of the water... The gutters on the sky bridge wasn't that well designed either... There were a lot of water collected on it too. Good thing most of the stuff we did was indoors... Well Vegas is like indoors. LOL

So on the way back... Desert into lakes... And like before approaching Pleasanton, heavy fog for like 20-30 miles. Saw lot's of car crashes. You couldn't even see what was in front of you! Not exaggerating. What is this world coming to? Beginning of 2012? ROFL! Tell me what you think. :P Did you see how LA got flooded?! I saw that on TV. We were actually planning on going to Disneyland... Good thing we went to Vegas instead. HAHA. Actually we originally wanted to go to Reno, but heavy snowfall... Road closed. So we had to cancel... Then we wanted to go to Disneyland, but the other family that we were planning on going with said, Las Vegas... So we went to Vegas instead... So lucky. 

So when I got home from Vegas... My new hair styling and my Solia flat iron came. :D

New styling spray.  

My new Solia flat iron.

And here is my new look. :D Tell me how I look. 

This picture makes me look like a zombie... :\ Well tell me in the comments below...

Anyways, Las Vegas pictures will be going on my photography blog once I finish with my Yellowstone and San Francisco pictures. 

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Funny thing. XD

So on the way home today, I was in the car, there was this lady carrying her baby on the sidewalk... The baby was facing away from me with a brown jacket on...

For some reason, the first thing that came to my mind was... WHERE THE HECK DID THAT LADY GET THAT GORILLA FROM? XD I have no idea why. LOL How did I mistaken the baby for a gorilla? o_O

The woman wasn't even black, but that was the first thing that came to my mind. Thought I'd share it.

The funny thing is, I was going to share this on my blog, but then I forgot... I just remembered it again. XD Where the heck did my memory go. ROFL

Monday, December 13, 2010

New Glasses

The other day, I went to get my eyes checked and to get new glasses. I didn't feel like picking out the frame that day. So, I went back today to pick out a frame.

I picked out a brown/red-ish frame. :) It was pretty unisex. LOL I love it. ^_^

At first, I thought I was going to look horrible with glasses, but now, I think I'll wear it. :D Adds to the girly look I'm trying to achieve. YAY!

Anyways, I don't have a picture... I'll post one up on this blog once they finish making it. You know, how they have to make the lens and attach it on there. Yeah... Might be 2-3 weeks before I get my glasses. LOL Wish they can make it faster... 

Funny thing today...

So the other day, I went to get my eyes checked, but I didn't feel like picking out a glasses frame that day. So today, I went back to pick out a frame... After that, on the way home... Guess what I saw? 

It was 6 PM and already dark outside. On the sidewalk, there was a guy waving a sign (I think it said furniture sale and was pointing to a warehouse). He was barely visible. XD Who would have seen him? ROFL Bad time to advertise...

Well, there was no traffic on the road... If there was, I would have snapped a picture. Since there wasn't, I didn't have any time. LOL

What a fail. XD

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Worst Weekend Ever :\

It's wet outside and my stupid DSL is down! This is so stupid. I got nothing to do! I'm so bored... Sigh...

It's funny how much I rely on the internet to keep my days busy. LOL :\

On the other hand, at least I got all these cool games on my iPod, and I got three wonderful pet birdies I can play with. ROFL.

If you're wondering how I'm posting this. Well, I can't tell you. :P Hopefully my DSL will get fixed soon. In the mean time, I can't post anything up on my photography blog... I will try to blog once a day, but no promises.

Well, hope your weekend isn't as crappy as mine. :\

As of 12/12/2010 7:12 PM. My DSL is fixed :D Apparently it was the DSL company's problem... >:(

Saturday, December 11, 2010


So today I went to the optometrist to get my eyes checked and to get new glasses. The optometrist thought I was a girl until she looked down at the form. :D YAY!

Of course it was in Chinese. She was like, "Follow me miss.". Then later she looked down and was like, "Oh, I'm sorry sir, please sit down.". I was like, "Aw... It's ok!". Success! :P YAY! That made me kinda happy. LOL

Luckily, my eyes wasn't too bad. My astigmatism worsened just a little bit, but that's it. Which isn't too big of a deal. LOL Can be fixed with glasses, but I hate them. D: Only wearing them when I'm driving. >:( I don't care what she says.

I didn't pick out a frame today, because I thought my hair was a bit messed up and it would cloud my judgement on the frame. Going back there to pick out a frame next time.


她说,“小姐,请您跟我过来。”。过了一忽然她看了一下表格说,对不起先生,请坐。我跟她说,“没关系,没关系!”。 哈哈!


Friday, December 10, 2010

Getting New Glasses

Going to go get my eyes checked and get new glasses tomorrow. Sigh... I hate glasses! They make me look so nerdy. I understand there are contacts, but I seriously don't dare put those things in my eyes. :\

I hated my last pair, makes me look so much like a guy. D: Why can't they make something that will like fix your vision, but not visible to others and don't involve sticking something in your eyes?

Well, I've decided. I'm not gonna wear them unless I'm in class or when I'm driving... Not going to wear them any other time.

我明天要去配新的眼镜。我很不喜欢哦。:\ 不喜欢戴。我知道有隐形眼镜,可是我觉得把那个东西放眼睛里很可怕。。。


Tuesday, December 7, 2010


This tutorial will teach you how to check if your friend signed on as Invisible on Google Talk. You can't just make the invisible people's gray circle thingy turn green. This tutorial will not show you that, for I don't know how that is possible. This tutorial will only help you figure out if the friend you suspect is online, but invisible, is really actually online.

Instructions can be found here.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Lack of Self Confidence

Ever since I was a little kid, I wanted to be a girl. I knew it wasn't possible, but I wanted to be a girl in other people's eyes. I've hated the hair cuts, I wanted long hair. I wanted colorful clothing, girl's clothing, and cute hair accessories. I never got those. I always wished I wasn't so big and fat. I always thought I wasn't pretty enough...

I think those are the biggest causes on why I'm scared to talk to people, see people, and look people in the eyes. I think I figured out the root cause of my anxiety. It makes perfect sense. Every time when I see someone, things that go through my mind would be: What is that person thinking of me? Is my hair messed up? I wish that person thought I was a girl... And other related questions and stuff. 

As you can see, I was never happy being a guy. I wanted to be a girl. The reason, I don't know. It's been there since I was born. I recall these thoughts back when I was really little. I have had dreams where I somehow turned into a girl and I was happy. I've always wished I could live life as a girl. 

I'm guessing the only way to fix it is to make myself in harmony with my thoughts right? Like get girl's clothing, hair accessories, and grow my hair long. Right after my parents got me those two jackets, I've felt a lot more confident in seeing people and talking to people. I think that is the way to solve this issue... Which is really hard, because I have two stubborn parents that aren't being very supportive. :\

I know I'm not the only one with this issue. If you have the same thoughts as me, maybe leave me a comment. :) It's nice to know when you are not the only one with the same problem. 

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Hair Straightening Iron

Solia Straightening Iron

Those stupid website people, after reading their pages, I want a hair straightening iron now. >.< My hair is kind of curly, but I want it straight. I didn't want a hair straightening iron before, but now, the websites have done enough convincing. I want one! :\ Man... And not just any cheap hair straightening iron, I want a professional one... ._. Those cost like $90 and up!

I didn't want to use a hair straightening iron before because I thought it would damage your hair even more. Those website convinced me if I just apply some thermal shielding serum on my hair, it would make it fine. o_O Well I guess being beautiful isn't easy...

On the bright side, I know how to get my hair straighter now and less frizzy. Probably going to get one for myself for Christmas. ^_^ And some hair straightening and frizz control serum... All these harsh chemicals and heat, couldn't be good for my hair. ROFL Well, it can't be that bad can it? I mean, a lot of people use it... With beauty, comes with price. Was that the saying? HAHA Well it was the first thing that came to my mind. 

I might get a Sedu or Solia hair straighteners. I've read some really good reviews on those.

Sedu Straightening Iron

The Sedu one cost like $150. The Solia one cost like $90. (I think) Which one should I get?

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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

iPod Touch Fail

If you go to Apple's website and go to iPod >> iPod Touch >> iOS 4, you will find a picture of an iPod touch with an emergency call button. XD APPLE YOU FAILED! Badly...

Apple needs to hire more employees that actually pay attention to their work. LOL

Need an iPod touch or accessory?


Happy first day of December everyone! Time passes so fast... I can't believe it's almost a New Year again! :O It feels like yesterday I just celebrated Christmas at Reno, but it's almost Christmas again... What have I accomplished this year? XD Well I guess a lot of stuff.

Here is a list of things I can think of right now (things I can blog about that is):
  • 6 blogs: My Personal BlogMy Photography BlogMy Dark Side BlogMy Crossdressing BlogMy Random Stuff Blog, and My Ultimate Fail Blog.
  • I think I redesigned my website this year? Or was that last year? I forgot... I think it was this year.
  • A lot of new videos on Youtube and more to come (still in the making).
  • Jailbreak my iPod touch and install a bunch of stuff on it.
  • Make money on Google Adsense.
  • Make my hair look all wonderful and straight. :D
  • Grow my hair longer.
  • Opened up to others that I want to crossdress and be transsexual. 
  • Decided I want people calling me Sunny instead of Eric. (You can still call me Eric if you want)
  • Go back to school.
  • Make new friends. 
  • Grow older. :P
  • Raise my photography and Photoshop skills.
  • Catch two seagulls and someone else's crab trap. Read the story here
I think this is pretty much all I can think of right now. HAHA New Year's resolutions come later, because it isn't really a New Year yet. 
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